Sunday, December 28, 2008

A little update.

So now Christmas has come and gone, we have our tree down, the poor thing looked sad and it was even a fake. Anyway I am fighting a cold so I am not really feeling well, but when do I actually have time to be sick.

A couple weeks ago I had cleaned the boys room, they were in their fighting and I went in to break it up. Anyhow, they had found Pete's meat hook and left it on the floor. This could have been disastrous when I stepped on it except it just nicked my toe. The part that really hurt was running my toe into the carpet. could barely walk for the next 24 hours. It hurt.. Jackson thought that was reason enough for 'Ma to pick him up from school. I suffered through it. I didn't get one ounce from Pete (his back hurt and completely ignored the situation) and I limped around doing the laundry the rest of the night. At least Pete did get up to get me a painkiller so I guess he didn't totally ignore me lol.

Wyatt turned 3 on Dec 20. Poor kid, that is just too close to Christmas. He is just doing so well, completely potty trained and just my sweet boy

Christmas was fine, just a little tight since I haven't found a job yet, I just don't know what to do, everything is so messed up and there are few jobs.

The boys had fun and I have a few pictures.