Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moving Right Along

It's amazing the way life changes, even when you know the change is coming. On February 14, 2013 we were blessed with our third little boy, Henry Robert Flynn. He is loved and adored by the whole family, especially his brothers. Jackson is so funny - he will ask to hold him, but only hold him for a second and then run off. He always has to kiss him before he leaves for school or before he goes to bed. The first thing Jackson and Wyatt do when they get home is check on Henry and see where he is. We are starting to get back into a groove with my work and school. I hate leaving Henry and the other boys, but it helps knowing that Daddy is on the job.
They both love to hold their brother, you can just see it on their faces.
 Friday I add another thing to my schedule -Practicum - I have been trying to get this thing started for a month and a half. I appreciate the infinite patience of the site where I will be starting my counseling. A week from Friday I will be adding another class - this is going to be interesting.
Henry is the sweetest baby. He gets a little gassy/grumpy sometimes, but he loves to cuddle and his favorite place to sleep is on my chest. I have not slept on my back this much in forever.
 My valentine's day baby and his Valentine's shirt... Welcome to our Family.
 The picture that made my sisters jealous! Grandpa holding Henry... I will always treasure this picture. I love my Grandpa!
 Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Linville Jackson, Wyatt, and Henry
 Henry and Ma (Sandy - Pete's Mom)
 Hi everybody!
 As Chelsea said "Don't let the big baby eat the new one!" (Or something to that effect).
I need to get off of here and go to bed. I have too much to do every day....