Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potholders anyone? New hobby

I have been crocheting since I got back from Ririe. Grandma showed me how to make the hot pads that are really nice and thick so I have made a bunch of those. Trying to figure out new things...I am making a scarf for one of my step daughters. It is really soft and nice and I hope she likes it. Anyway I am not sure yet what do do with all of it. I have made about five potholders and gave some to Pete's mom and Grandma. I think I will make more for others. It is nice to have something to do and still not be zoned out.

I want to make an afghan or more... I just need some patterns.

A wedding and now a funeral.

This just seems to be the way of things. Pete's grandfather passed away on Monday. We have to go to a funeral mass on Saturday. I am not sure what to expect from that. It will be a new experience. He is going to be a Pall Bearer.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Okay A week..

Pete came home yesterday asking me if I was ready to move. I am but that is beside the point. He lost his job yesterday due to "lack of enthusiasm" How enthusiastic can you be about windows. I cried of course, that is what I do, but beyond that we are both relatively calm and both know that things happen for a reason. Why it has to happen all at once is beyond me and I am quite aggitated about it LOL. But we don't get anything we can't handle right? This though is pushing me to my limit. So if anyone knows of any jobs, I am game.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feeling Blessed.

I was feeling truly blessed yesterday. Pete called me from work and said he needed to go out on the road next week. Despite missing him, the money is better on the road and that opened the way for me to attend Devri's wedding. On top of that I got a ruling on my extended unemployment. I was worried considering the separation from the county. The Dept of labor contacted the county and they were actually really nice about my separation from them. They determined I was eligible for extended unemployment which adds a little to our income each week. This too is truly a blessing because my bills will be paid and I don't have to worry so much about my trip.

Pete and his brother were able to fix the heater in the Blazer so I can drive it down and meet him in Missoula. We will stay the night there on Wednesday and leave from Missoula for Ririe after Pete gets off work.

When things work out like that I just have to look to my father in heaven and remember that I really am loved and cared for. My prayers in this case have been answered if only for the next month or so. Working on things one day at a time and hoping that we find a more permanent solution.