Sunday, December 28, 2008

A little update.

So now Christmas has come and gone, we have our tree down, the poor thing looked sad and it was even a fake. Anyway I am fighting a cold so I am not really feeling well, but when do I actually have time to be sick.

A couple weeks ago I had cleaned the boys room, they were in their fighting and I went in to break it up. Anyhow, they had found Pete's meat hook and left it on the floor. This could have been disastrous when I stepped on it except it just nicked my toe. The part that really hurt was running my toe into the carpet. could barely walk for the next 24 hours. It hurt.. Jackson thought that was reason enough for 'Ma to pick him up from school. I suffered through it. I didn't get one ounce from Pete (his back hurt and completely ignored the situation) and I limped around doing the laundry the rest of the night. At least Pete did get up to get me a painkiller so I guess he didn't totally ignore me lol.

Wyatt turned 3 on Dec 20. Poor kid, that is just too close to Christmas. He is just doing so well, completely potty trained and just my sweet boy

Christmas was fine, just a little tight since I haven't found a job yet, I just don't know what to do, everything is so messed up and there are few jobs.

The boys had fun and I have a few pictures.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ring around the Rosie....

The other day we were walking into costco and I made one little mistake. I played ring around the rosie with Jackson. Long story short that is what he wanted to do over and over and over. So I have a video of the two boys playing, it is kind of bad because it was on my phone.

Those two just love it when I pull out any camera I just hope I can get a real one soon so I can capture more moments. Wyatt loves to say CHEESE! Sometimes I feel like everyone's mom, I take care of my hubby and kids of course, then add to that Lainey, who is my kid, and her boyfriend who is having a tough time with his family, and then today I was taking care of Pete and the guys he works with. They teased him when I kissed him goodbye which I think is funny and cute all at the same time.

Speaking of pictures I need to get started on my calendar for the Grandmas. They look forward to it every year.

Also I think I am going to bring a couple more things to thanksgiving this year.. A couple pies that are my tradition and some snack foods like we did at home. I just miss it sometimes so I thought I would do what I can. I am starting to get in the mood for the holidays. I can't wait to start decorating. I think I need it this year.. Hopefully the boys are big enough to stay out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fundraiser fun

This year Jackson participated in his first school fundraiser. The initial notes said that the stuff would be back on the 17th... I think we are going to be able to pick it up today. I know I am getting the poinsettas today... It is windy... Maybe I should take some way to protect them. I will just get the costco bags out of the back I think. Anyway... Wyatt is doing well on the potty thing... and I had an interview today I hope it went as well as I thought it did... Keep your fingers crossed, pray or whatever ritual works, thanks


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rejection Stinks

So I was really starting to get my hopes up on an interview I had. They even called my references. Then I get this letter in the mail telling me they chose another candidate. I just don't know what to do anymore. Christmas is going to stink for my kids, I won't be able to make it to weddings of my family. I am just stuck and none of it seems to be getting any better. My cell phone completely died, so I had to figure the best way to get a new one. Luckily I was less than thirty days away from a new phone and they moved up the discount. On top of everything I kind of feel crummy.. I think I am going to lose it!

On a lighter note, Wyatt did his first poop on the potty today.. He is such a big boy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Such a big boy!

I have been trying to potty train Wyatt. We have good moments and bad, but last night was just so exciting. I didn't think anything of it when he woke up at four and headed straight to the bathroom, but what I didn't expect was he was completely dry when he woke up! This is just so exciting. Jackson still struggles and sleeps so deep he doesn't wake up to go, but Wyatt got up and stayed dry... I am just so excited!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend fun

This weekend was interesting. I didn't have Jackson all of Saturday and until Sunday afternoon because he went and spent the night with Pete's mom. I love that she will take him sometimes.

I also cleaned the house because I was conspiring with Lainey's boyfriend to make homecoming dance night nive for her, that and it really needed it.

Here is the question of the day, why is it that the mom is the only person that really doesn't get to sit down and relax in the evening? The teenager does, the dad does, and mom gets to chase the boys. Its in those moments I truly appreciate my mom.

Proud of Myself.

Last week we were low on gas in one of the vehicles. So I volunteered to walk Jackson to school. My leg was numb every day by the time I got home but Wyatt and I made the round trip every day... I think the Round trip is close to two miles. The stroller got a flat tire on Friday and Pete wasn't able to look at it yet so Jackson and I drove today. But I was proud of myself for walking every day!

Interviewing AGAIN!

I have been looking for jobs again as you should know. Anyway I emailed a resume and cover letter in response to an ad in the paper. I emailed it on Friday. I got a call earlier today setting up an interview tomorrow. Hopefully I do not mess this up and we are able to get on more stable footing. I would be able to use my degree which is a plus.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Husband Tag

The Husband Tag...
Thanks Chelsea now you all get to hear about Pete!

1. Where did you meet? Geology in college, but didn't really get to know each other for a couple years... October 2002 he showed up at work and we got to talking.
2. How long did you date before you got married? A little less than a year
3. How long have you been married? 5 years this last august 4
4. What is your favorite feature of his? His eyes.. They just tell me so much.
5. What is your favorite quality of his? His ability to remember the most obscure things I say...and then remember them and suprise me.
6. Does he have a nickname for you? Generally Honey, but if he is lovey or wants something it is Emmy.
7. What is his favorite color?Green/Purple
8. What is his favorite food? Orange Chicken from Panda express
9. What is his favorite sport? Football and Baseball - he used to play baseball. He was a catcher in high school
10. When and where was your first kiss? October 2002 sometime.. we were watching the sixth sense on my couch.
11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? we like to watch TV and figure out the end of the show - like figuring the bad guy on cop shows.. also like to drive around and talk.
12. Do you have any children? We have two and he has three daughters in addition to the two.
13. Does he have a hidden talent? He is so creative and is better at decorating or picking out clothes for me than I am.
14. How old is he? OLD. LOL he is 38 and will be 39 on May 7
15. Who said "I love you" first? Probably me - was a shakey time - I had been hurt and so had he.
16. What is his favorite type of music? Anything that Wails!
17. What do you admire most about him? He is hard working and totally does what he can to take care of us, he stresses about it and I hate that, but he always makes sure we have what we need. He also shares my belief that everything happens for a reason.

OK, now that is done, I tag..... Kristin and Janene!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle....

My little Wyatt, who is still only two has started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...It is so cute... I sing to them at night to get them to go to sleep and the other night Wyatt started singing with me. He is also my little helper - following me around and helping with the silverware when I empty the dishwasher. He even unloads the dryer by himself. He is so independent - he won't let me help him with things until he is completely exasperated trying it by himself.

Jackson is doing well at school... Normally I can't get him to carry anything remotely heavy, but when he is taking treats to school for next week he carried the box all by himself. He has been reading with me though sometimes it is hard for me to get him to sit still... But we are working on it... now on with the penmanship! He needs to work on his name and his writing.

Anyway Pete and I are doing well and we have Lainey living with us. This is an adjustment for me - the whole teenager thing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Trying so hard to stay positive.

Okay so I will update you all. I have had a hard time lately since the separation from my job, but I have to move on and find something else. I have had a few leads and applied to a few places. I am just trying to stay positive in the mean time.

Anyway, Jackson is doing so well in school. He had a reading assessment recently. He only needed to score an 11 to be on track he scored 41. And overall he was in the third tier which is right on track. He is so set in his routines. I picked him up from class on Friday and he couldn't leave until he said goodbye to his teacher and he notices when she changes things for the next day and knows that it isn't for that day. He keeps her on her toes...

Wyatt is talking up a storm and tries to potty train himself. He will go potty if he is thinking about it, but we still have a little bit to go - He was doing better when he was in daycare because of their routine.

Lainey has been living with us for awhile while her stepdad finds a house. Hopefully, I can find something and Pete can find something that can get us into a bigger place and she can live with us permanently.

Hope all is well with you all!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well that was short lived.

Well my career as a dispatcher is over. I am not going to go into but I thought I would give you that update. I am looking for positions again. I hope you are all well. I just hope I can find something to help my family.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update on life...

I guess it is September and you are all due an update, whoever you all are.

Started my new job the last week of August so I have been going two weeks. Working four ten hour shifts starting at ten in the morning, Monday thru Thursday. It is amazing how tired you can get sitting in front of a radio waiting for something to happen. I have been getting better at hearing the things I need to and responding as necessary. I never knew dispatching was so complicated. It also gives me a different outlook on things. I see news stories about shootings of police officers and I think about how hard that was for the dispatcher to hear that and stay in control.

However, I do think that this will be a good job for me and I hope the improvement continues. I think this is something I really want and didn't even know it. I am just glad Pete knows me and encouraged me to apply back in April. Still waiting on my insurance cards to show up.

Because of the new job I had to put the boys in daycare. Its hard on me as I knew it would be, as it is on them. Wyatt was struggling that first week, he still hates it when I leave. I am not sure exactly what Jackson's take is since he has school too - I think he thinks he is too old LOL! I think I have some first day of school pictures somewhere but they aren't great. I had to rely on phone pictures since my camera is broken. I will see if I can get them downloaded and posted.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.


Okay Bekah, I will do this ONCE! LOL. I will tag Janene Anderson and Kristin Wright since I don't have a huge following. lol

1. Where is your cell phone? With me.
2. Your significant other? Pete
3. Your hair? shoulder-length
4. Your favorite thing? Bedtime
5. Your dream last night? Gymnastics?
6. Your favorite drink? Sprite
7. Your dream/goal? Travel
8. The room you're in? Living Room
9. Your hobby? Gardening (who knew)
10. Your fear? Heights
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? With my boys
12. Where were you last night? watching Olympics on TV
13. What you're not? Skinny
14. Muffins? Poppy Seed
15. One of your wish list items? healthy weight
16. Where you grew up? Ririe
17. The last thing you did? laundry
18. What are you wearing? T-Shirt and workout pants.
19. Your TV? NBC
20. Your pets? What pets?
21. Your computer? the kids'
22. Your life? BLESSED
23. Your mood? frazzled
24. Missing someone? Hubby
25. Your car? Blazer
26. Something you're not wearing? Makeup
27. Favorite store? Costco
28. Your summer? HOT
29. Your favorite color? Green
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Today

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tomatoes anyone?

My Mother-in-law was out of town this weekend and her mother has been ill. They both live in town. Anyway, that left us to take care of two gardens, at least as picking all the ripe produce. This left me TONS of cucumbers and tomatoes, well okay not tons, but more than I will use in the time it takes for them to go bad. So I cut up a bunch of the cucumbers today and still have a bunch. I separated out the Cherry tomatoes and washed them and put them in a bag in the fridge. I just don't know what to do with the rest of it.

On another note, the flowers I take care of here, my little garden are just beautiful, though I do feel like I am being overrun by marigolds. I can't wait for the roses to bloom again.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cool things...

So this really cool thing happened last night. I was checking my email and stuff online and I get this call. I don't have it in my phone book so I am curious especially since it was almost 9. It was about a resume I sent in awhile back. I hate turning down job because I am waiting for a background check and I feel like I am in limbo. I explained this to the guy and he took me off the list for the sales job, but told me if the other job fell through to give him a call and set up an interview and that he might have something for me. To me this is just way cool that suddenly people want me. It is a nice feeling after so much rejection.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn.

I promise not to give anything away. Mostly just going to admit that I got the book at midnight - well Pete went to Walmart, bought it and some dark chocolate m&ms and I read from the moment he got home until about 7:30. I wasn't tired the entire time, it was just sooooo good, I am starting to feel it now, but I guess I am paying the piper. Still have to make it to Pete's class reunion. I will be fine. Good book. I will read it again before i let anyone else read it Mwahahaha.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Success!!! FINALLY!

I have been waiting for this phone call for who knows how long. The one that says "When do you want to start?" I got that call this morning and it was such a relief. There is still paperwork and background checks but still this is fabulous. I will be working at the Nez Perce County Sheriff's office as a dispatcher. It will be a new challenge but it is such a relief that I will be able to take care of my kids. Pete is excited too... It helps us both feel less like failures. Now please excuse me while I go get really excited!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Interview Circuit.

I think I have been on more interviews this year than any other point in my life. I have also recieved more rejection letters than I care to count. It is so discouraging for me. I am not looking for a hobby. I am looking so I can take care of my kids. It doesn't help that I am anxious that if I do find something I will have to put my boys in the care of strangers.

I don't think I have ever felt more discouraged than I do right now. I hope one of the two that I am in the middle of pans out. Pete is stressed because he can't make enough - child support takes some, otherwise we would be okay. I am just running out of time. I want something that will help me out later on down the road. Something with good money and good benefits.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hello Everybody

So I have a facebook page, a myspace page, and now just because Chelsea and Rebekah are doing it (so kidding, just looked like a good idea) I am starting a blog. Just makes it easier for those I want to communicate with. Just makes more sense.

My Beautiful Boys - Jackson and Wyatt

Pete and Kassidy

Lainey and Wyatt