Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn.

I promise not to give anything away. Mostly just going to admit that I got the book at midnight - well Pete went to Walmart, bought it and some dark chocolate m&ms and I read from the moment he got home until about 7:30. I wasn't tired the entire time, it was just sooooo good, I am starting to feel it now, but I guess I am paying the piper. Still have to make it to Pete's class reunion. I will be fine. Good book. I will read it again before i let anyone else read it Mwahahaha.

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The Wright Family said...

Hey Emily! Thanks for commenting on my blog! You have some really cute kids! I'm just reading Twilight for the first time, (I know, slap me for taking so long) but now I can read them all at once and I don't have to wait! :)