Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Pete finally came home yesterday, we aren't at the end of this by a long shot but at least he is home. So now it is back to normal activities like taking Jackson and Wyatt for haircuts they have been whining about for awhile now. Maybe I will get my eyebrows waxed while I am there.

Made cupcakes last night for Jackson's in school "birthday" since his birthday is in July. I waited until he was in bed, I am so glad I did. Frosting them this morning and adding sprinkles was adventure enough with both boys. Then I took Jackson and his cupcakes to school. He wanted to take them by himself, I didn't think that would work too well. Give me a couple days and I will post some pictures from easter.


Damien and Ashley said...

Glad your husband's fimally home! Hore things slow down and get more "normal" for you soon!!!

kjjaco5 said...

Good to talk to you!!!

GRAMEE said...

Emily i have been following your blog the last month, over from chels'
i hope pete will fair ok at home.! i know it will be better for your little family with him home! i have been keeping you guys in my prayers!