Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More updates.

My blog is becoming very Pete-centric. That will change when he finally gets home.

Wyatt and I have been hanging out at the hospital while Jackson is in school now that spring break is over. It looks like he will be in there until next Monday. He wants me to bring in lunch for the three of us tomorrow. That will be fun if you can call it that.

Having him in the Hospital until Monday gets him off the IV medications and the very expensive medications. They can help him with the nausea and headaches better than I can..I hate having him gone but I really don't want to take him back.

So Easter is going to be interesting. I think I will take something for the boys to Pete before then so he can give it to them. We will do baskets/easter egg hunt at his mom's house and then visit him on Easter. I need to figure out something to take for him.

Such a long couple of months. One bright spot - I got another extension on unemployment.


kjjaco5 said...

Another week!!!??? AHAHAHHA HANG IN THERE!

Rebekah said...

How long has he been in the hospital now? CRAZY! I'm glad he's getting better. I bet your nerves are SHOT!