Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hi all...

Okay so I am probably due an update. Car. Check. Pete Home. CHECK!

Pete is still having to work through this -- slow to incubate - slow to go away-- He has good and bad days. It seems two steps forward, one back, but all in all he is doing a lot better.

Lainey has been visiting with the Missionaries lately and has been reading the Book of Mormon. It suprised me. They were here checking on Pete and on me and she volunteered that she wanted to find a church. I think it is wonderful that she is looking for any guidance. She went with me to stake conference, but was sick last week. So we will see what happens this week. I need to get those boys to be good. I know they need to get used to it but any ideas will help. Pete is very supportive of all of this even though he isn't ready for it himself. As far as I am concerned, most of this (at least on my part) is due to him being so sick and me finding myself in a dark place (a few posts back) I hadn't been in that place since before I knew Pete. One way or the other this time it brought me back at least the part of me I have supressed for so long to reduce the conflict I was feeling at that point and time (all of 2001 most of 2002) Long story and not for the blogs. SO I guess I am back or at least working back to that point.

Have about five crochet projects going - will have to post pictures as I finish them, though one is a familiar pattern - slightly different yarn.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Pete's mom did a wonderful thing and bought us a more dependable mode of transportation. She worried about our current vehicles on our trips to see my mom. I am so grateful to her for this gift. She seems as excited about it as we are. We picked it out on Saturday at Tyler and Kelly here in Lewiston. Here are some pics to share. I love, love, LOVE the color.

Easter Pictures

These are the boys over easter. They had a lot of fun hunting eggs at Ma's house. They got fruit in their easter baskets instead of a lot of candy. They just seem to like it better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Pete finally came home yesterday, we aren't at the end of this by a long shot but at least he is home. So now it is back to normal activities like taking Jackson and Wyatt for haircuts they have been whining about for awhile now. Maybe I will get my eyebrows waxed while I am there.

Made cupcakes last night for Jackson's in school "birthday" since his birthday is in July. I waited until he was in bed, I am so glad I did. Frosting them this morning and adding sprinkles was adventure enough with both boys. Then I took Jackson and his cupcakes to school. He wanted to take them by himself, I didn't think that would work too well. Give me a couple days and I will post some pictures from easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going on Three weeks.

Rebekah, I am tired of this. We are going on three weeks and that is just the hospital. We were at least four of being sick before that.

I am tired. I am running out of strength. I want to run away and I am running out of babysitters. This better not last much longer. I need this to end. I know there is a reason for this, there has to be, but seriously. I am done! I am running out of what I can handle!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More updates.

My blog is becoming very Pete-centric. That will change when he finally gets home.

Wyatt and I have been hanging out at the hospital while Jackson is in school now that spring break is over. It looks like he will be in there until next Monday. He wants me to bring in lunch for the three of us tomorrow. That will be fun if you can call it that.

Having him in the Hospital until Monday gets him off the IV medications and the very expensive medications. They can help him with the nausea and headaches better than I can..I hate having him gone but I really don't want to take him back.

So Easter is going to be interesting. I think I will take something for the boys to Pete before then so he can give it to them. We will do baskets/easter egg hunt at his mom's house and then visit him on Easter. I need to figure out something to take for him.

Such a long couple of months. One bright spot - I got another extension on unemployment.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Update...

It is looking like Pete can come home on Monday - the doctor said Tomorrow except for the IV narcotics he is still on for Pain.