Monday, October 6, 2008

Trying so hard to stay positive.

Okay so I will update you all. I have had a hard time lately since the separation from my job, but I have to move on and find something else. I have had a few leads and applied to a few places. I am just trying to stay positive in the mean time.

Anyway, Jackson is doing so well in school. He had a reading assessment recently. He only needed to score an 11 to be on track he scored 41. And overall he was in the third tier which is right on track. He is so set in his routines. I picked him up from class on Friday and he couldn't leave until he said goodbye to his teacher and he notices when she changes things for the next day and knows that it isn't for that day. He keeps her on her toes...

Wyatt is talking up a storm and tries to potty train himself. He will go potty if he is thinking about it, but we still have a little bit to go - He was doing better when he was in daycare because of their routine.

Lainey has been living with us for awhile while her stepdad finds a house. Hopefully, I can find something and Pete can find something that can get us into a bigger place and she can live with us permanently.

Hope all is well with you all!


Summers Family said...

Sounds like you are doing everything right Emily! It's amazing how things eventually fall into place and I know that they will for you because you are staying positive and working hard! I just hope it falls into place sooner than later!

The Wright Family said...

Good luck with everything. That doesn't surprise me that your kids are so smart! They take after their mommy!