Monday, November 24, 2008

Ring around the Rosie....

The other day we were walking into costco and I made one little mistake. I played ring around the rosie with Jackson. Long story short that is what he wanted to do over and over and over. So I have a video of the two boys playing, it is kind of bad because it was on my phone.

Those two just love it when I pull out any camera I just hope I can get a real one soon so I can capture more moments. Wyatt loves to say CHEESE! Sometimes I feel like everyone's mom, I take care of my hubby and kids of course, then add to that Lainey, who is my kid, and her boyfriend who is having a tough time with his family, and then today I was taking care of Pete and the guys he works with. They teased him when I kissed him goodbye which I think is funny and cute all at the same time.

Speaking of pictures I need to get started on my calendar for the Grandmas. They look forward to it every year.

Also I think I am going to bring a couple more things to thanksgiving this year.. A couple pies that are my tradition and some snack foods like we did at home. I just miss it sometimes so I thought I would do what I can. I am starting to get in the mood for the holidays. I can't wait to start decorating. I think I need it this year.. Hopefully the boys are big enough to stay out.

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The Wright Family said...

Great videos! Your boys are really cute!