Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I took lunch to Pete at the grocery store today. When I came out there were two people, one a store employee - smoking on the bench right outside the door. Seriously??? What happened to 25 ft? I don't like the smell and find many smokers to be very inconsiderate people because they like to smoke in the space of clean air lovin people. You have the right to destroy your own lungs? FINE stay out of my air - at least obey the law 25 feet. So it was raining - get in YOUR car, find a nook or cranny away from the entrance. That is the rudest thing.

Earlier I was taking my grandpa's dog to the bathroom on the grass behind the wal mart. There were so many cigarette butts I didn't think they would mind. Seriously people you ought to know better. Most inconsiderate thing. When I was going to school the first time, one of my friend's smoked. On a break in between classes I would go outside and talk to her. She at least stood downwind and used the supplied ashtrays. So not all smokers are that way but I see them all the time that are.