Friday, August 19, 2011

Jackson's Baptism

Jackson was baptized on July 9 and Pete was able to do it! I never thought that would be a possibility. I am amazed at the changes that have happened in the last few years with our family. Brother Bigelow described the baptism itself as Wack-a-Mole and it is a pretty good description. Jackson started resisting as soon as he hit the water. He didn't want to be under, which is difficult when we baptize by immersion in the LDS church. He struggled and Pete didn't want to do it again so he pushed down all of Jackson that popped up before he brought him out of the water. Good thing too because Jackson said "Don't do that again!" when he was standing again.

We had our own service with a couple kids from his primary class.

Ethan confirmed him. It was sweet and I know that it came from Heavenly Father when there were things mentioned that I was concerned about. Now Ethan is in the MTC preparing to teach the people of Arcadia California the Gospel.