Thursday, April 26, 2012


SO apparently we said Never once again. We were never going to move to Boise. Currently this is our goal and plan. There is a masters program I am trying to get into and it is available in Coeur d'Alene and Boise. Tried for CDA but it turns out Boise is more flexible to what I need. The program director was much more helpful and It is something I can apply for now and get in for this fall. Its crazy and scary and a little amazing. I just didn't think this was our answer and I was trying for Grad school in a year after I took my GRE. This program doesn't require it. Boise would get us closer to Kass and we would be able to be around for her last two years of college. It is about halfway between my mom and Pete's. A little out of our comfort zone, but that is how you grow, right? Currently just a plan but we are working on it and will need to be there by July right after Jackson's birthday. Fingers crossed, Prayers and all that for things to work out. It is time to be our own family again and be able to move on without our crutches. Scary and exciting.