Monday, May 27, 2013

When upon life's billows....

So maybe at this moment I am in the eye of the storm. The biggest challenge I am facing is exhaustion. This month has been the craziest by far. I am working 40 hours a week (4 ten hour shifts), plus one day a week for practicum, then there is the two classes that run at ten hours per day a piece for 3 and 4 weeks. There is just a lot on the plate.  So I am going to count....

1. Supportive husband - boy have I needed him. It helps knowing he is there for me and that he is picking up the slack at home. It isn't an ideal situation right now, but honestly it is what works best for us.
2. Flexible work - my boss is great. She is letting me be flexible in my schedule so that I can fit everything in, it makes for some long hours, but my family is being taken care of and that is the most important.
3. Great classmates - I have some great classmates that I can depend on and that can depend on me. It makes getting through this program a lot easier.
4. A great practicum site that could turn into job prospects later -starting to get a network of people  for future. I am struggling to get the last hours I need, but there is a lot to be said for working with good people.
5. Tender mercies - I have no doubts about the path I am on. Things have worked out a little too perfectly for there to be any other explanation. I am loved by my Heavenly Father and he is mindful of my family and me. Without his guidance, there is no way this would work. When things get a little dicey for me, I try to remember this.
6. Great family - I love my family and Pete's and am happy to be able to turn to either family or both when we need them.

Things are far from perfect, but we are looked out for and I have the support I need.

Just one year left, and if I walk it will likely be next may - wow... time flies.