Sunday, June 30, 2013

Since Emily is the blogger, but doesn’t seem to have the time to do this.  It has fallen onto me to become crateful.  So bear with me and my rants and whatever’s.


Yesterday was my baby daughter Katelyn’s 13th birthday.  I haven’t seen her since before Jackson was born and sometimes wonder what she must think of me.  Does she wonder why I do not really want anything to do with her Mother, so alas I don’t get to see her?  Katelyn’s Mother tries to control every aspect of her life, but one day it will come back and bite her square on the butt.

When I was sick and was in the hospital getting ready for my brain surgery, I finally decided to tell Tracey in case stuff happened. She must have had to call every hospital in Salt Lake looking for me, but she did call me and we were civil for the first time in a few years.  But afterwards she kept pressing me to give up my parental rights so that her new husband could adopt “Kate” as she likes to be called now.  I fought the idea for a while, but decided that maybe there was some merit to it, so last March I decided that it was better for all of us involved if I did.  It has been 15 months since I told her to go for it.  And still nothing is done.  Last October, she asked for my address so they could send the paperwork, still nothing.  I caught my child support up in May thinking that she could use it to pay for her lawyer.  Good grief I think she wants me to pay for it and give her the tax credit for the adoption.

Enough about that my blood pressure is starting to rise and my head starts to throb when that happens so I will just say that I have a feeling that I will be paying for Katelyn until she graduates from High School and then be going to court to protest her changing her name.


So on to the rest of the month of June………..Jackson and Wyatt have been in Northern Idaho visiting my parents.  Mom has decided that next year they need a break from each other, so Jackson gets June and Wyatt goes in July.  They are fighting and I think that Wyatt is feeling a little left out, because his Papa is working during the day and Jackson has always been real close to my Mom.

Henry is growing like a weed, loves to jump in his jumper.  I really have enjoyed staying home and raising him.  I call this my everyday blessing.

Kassidy, my daughter with Kim, has been accepted to a weeklong architecture course at the University of Idaho, that’s right folks, she wants to be a Vandal!!!!!!  She is looking forward to living in a dorm and going to class for a week.  I am so proud of her and the young lady that she is becoming.  She has a very stable home life and I could not have asked for a better step-dad than she has.

Emily is working hard and going to school, and throw a stupid internship into it and I will just have to pencil myself into her calendar sometime in 2014 lol.