Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Emily always seems to do these and I have been home doing laundry all day realizing how much I really love my wife. Before my illness, I would go to the coast, put windows in new buildings, come home for two days, and leave again. Never realizing everything she did all day. I miss working everyday, but am very happy that I am alive.

One year ago next week, I was lying in a hospital bed scared out of my mind. The Doctors convinced that I had either bacterial or viral meningitis, anyone who knows me; this is how my Aunt Patsy died. I didn’t want to die the same way. It took me getting better, or so they thought, to come to grips with my own mortality.

I have been, at times in my life, a complete ass, there is no other way to say it, and it is true, I am not proud of how my first two my marriages ended. Waking up in the hospital in Utah, scared not knowing, why I was tied to the bed, where I was, or what had happened. I have had surgery twice in my life, the first time after cutting an artery while boning out a pork leg, I woke up singing the song I fell asleep too. This time waking up after having brain surgery, was weird, I panicked, and it took the medical staff to go get Emily to calm me down. Once I saw her I was at ease, it reminded me of when my Grandpa Pete woke up after having a massive heartache, He looked at my Grandma and said, “Girlie what am I doing here?” This is when I realized how much I would be lost without my redheaded Emmy.

Ok, since it has been a while since this thing has been updated.

Emily is working for IKON doing indexing of historical documents (now wait a minute, didn’t I go to college for history, lol), her job sounds fun in my opinion.

I am working part-time at Smith’s in Idaho Falls, while one of the meat cutters is on medical leave. Just bought a 03 VW Jetta, think I bought it for the heated seats, sunroof and the car has the coolest key I have ever had.

Since the Jetta get 30 MPG, I think Em will be driving it more once the snow is completely gone and I will start driving the Trailblazer that we got after I got out of the hospital last April.

I have come to realize that there is someone or something in this universe wants me alive. I have decided that maybe it is time to take the plunge and start taking everything that happens as having a higher purpose.

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