Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Their story is heart-breaking

I have been surfing around blogs, following my friends links and found this blog.


This family lives in the area and some of their friends I know, though I don't know them personally. Their story is making me appreciate just a bit more the time I get with my boys. Time is such a precious gift. Three months ago they lost their 18 month old little girl after she fell into a canal.

To me this story is gut wrenching as she has had to face the worst nightmare of any mom. My heart goes out to her and her husband. I can't even imagine her pain, but I hope I can learn to appreciate my two little boys more and not take for granted the little moments.

Their faith to me is incredible, I share their beliefs but they put them into action. They have the knowledge that they will see their little girl again, but know that doesn't make it easy. Lets just say I have a few things to work on in my own life.

I love my husband and my little boys and am so glad I have been blessed with the time I have and I will try not to take them for granted.

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Loni said...

I have a friend who's been reading that blog as well. It's scary to think how easily a little life can end.
The only way to heal from pain like that as a parent is to turn to faith and trust in the Lord. What a great couple that they have been able to do that.
Thanks for sharing.