Sunday, June 26, 2011

Obladi Obladah

Probably didn't spell it right, but the next line is "life goes on." I suppose I have been getting behind here and have some pictures to upload. Jackson and Pete are still at church waiting to get into the bishop's office because Jackson is getting baptized on July 9. I can't believe the difference of where we were 8 years ago to where we are now.

Lately though, especially when the boys were in Lewiston visiting Pete's mom, with the extra time I have had to think, I have just had the blues. I don't understand, I can't explain. I just feel like I am breaking inside. It makes no sense to me. Even when things were bad for Pete, I wasn't feeling sorry for myself.

I don't generally throw myself a pity party, but I cannot seem to shake it. I don't think the things on my mind help but they certainly aren't the cause. I know a couple things I should do that might help, but right now I am just trying to get it out. I can't wait to get back into school again in classes that stimulate my mind. I think that will help.

I need to work on my spiritual side some more. Let's face it, no one is perfect we all need work. Sometimes its just hard to dig deep and do what I want and need to do.

I find this so ironic. Here I want to be a clinical psychologist and I am feeling depressed. I truly believe in the power of therapy and talking it out. So here I am, getting it out. I have other resources to dig deeper. Today was just hard and I don't why.

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Rebekah said...

We all have those days, Em. I had 3 last week. Jon let me cry, and now life goes on.