Friday, March 16, 2012

Just have too much on my mind...

Its funny my mind is full of a million things running around in my head. Yet, I can't find the words I need or even the desire to express them.

1) There are good things, I have been working out more. I have been working out with the wii using the biggest loser challenge game. I have seen more inch loss than weight, but with the changes in diet, I am hoping. I have walked three miles about three times in this last week with Kari. That has been good and hurt good. I am able to do more now without getting as winded.

2) We have been stressing with Jackson. He has been having some challenges that have become more prevalent in the last year. We took him to a mental health service for children and got a diagnosis of ADHD. There was some suspicion of the Autism Spectrum. If there is any of that, it would be on the low end. He was initially tested by a social worker, which is fine since they are qualified counselors, I guess. Anyway, I have been waiting to get him in to see an actual Psychologist or Psychiatrist. They set up an appointment with another mental health facility. I was sure we were going to see a doctor. It was for some more testing. WHAT A JOKE! Another Social Worker. No... Not happening.

My mom had been suggesting I take Jackson to see her Chiropractic Neurologist. I gave in, mostly to appease her. I felt listened to, They gave me a logical reason for what was going on, They also thought that they might be able to help, and they let Jackson touch everything without irritation. I am hoping this is the path we are supposed to take. I have a hard time knowing.

3) I actually wrote a longer post the other day. I have it saved on a word document. I don't think it was very nice, but there you have it. Pete's second wife has been trying off and on to get him to give up custody of his daughter, Katelyn. He and I have no idea how to respond to that. He hasn't seen her in nearly ten years. We knew sometimes she was in the same town and her mother never let Pete know she was there. I would have stayed out of the picture if it meant he got to see his daughter. She doesn't seem real at this point. This is a real no win situation. I won't claim he is blameless entirely, but he has paid his child support and had no real way of getting a hold of her, especially when they would move and not tell him where they were. Its a complicated situation, and it is hard for me to go into without being mad.