Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starting to get things figured out.

Went to health and welfare yesterday. I had a question about my benefits, anyway.... While I was there they told me if we had a letter proving he couldn't work and therefore unable to draw unemployment, I could get Pete on Medicaid. We already had the letter in the works so this was good news. He found out also that he would get a break on child support while he isn't working, I also found out that Jackson's optical is covered. His teacher called me the other day and told me he was having trouble seeing the board. We realized then after our own observations, that he was squinting at times to see the TV. I know now why he sits so close. Poor baby, I know how hard it is when you can't see.

The teacher also tried to convince me he was mildly autistic. Its funny none of his doctors, or previous teachers, or speech therapists ever seemed to think that about him. So who knows why she thinks this.

Wyatt has gotten into such tantrums lately. He is usually so sweet, gentle, and helpful. Then, if I tell him he can't have something he wants its like Jekyll and Hyde. What do I do with that kid? lol

Pete's mom is coming for a visit this weekend, it will be nice to see her and the boys miss her and John a whole bunch. I really appreciate having family to lean on but I sure do miss having my own place.


GRAMEE said...

it is so good to see things working out for you in some areas.. i know every little bit helps your family. one little less worry for you. i have continued to have the Flynn family in my prayers.
i hate to say that's a good thing about the child support.. because it really isn't ever a good thing when a dad doesn't pay but when a dad really CANT pay at times it helps for the court to understand.
Great that Pete's mom is making a visit when your kids are used to living so close to their grandparents it is hard to suddenly move from them!
continued prayers to all the Linville clan
Linda Hoffman

kjjaco5 said...

You sound better. Blessings come! Best of luck with the dr's and the paperwork, and the loopholes and everything else!

And boys will be boys! Keep up the posts, I like to read up on how your doing! :)