Thursday, January 28, 2010

We're Movin' Out!

We have been moving out my parent's house for the last week or so. On top of this... we are both fighting colds. It has been interesting. We have been trying to gather the things we need. Things we had a few months ago, but darn it if we didn't have to get rid of a bunch to get everything in storage. I am tired and sick and ready to be done, but some progress has been made.

The house we found doesn't have a dishwasher, but we found a portable one that was $600 three days ago for $200 yesterday. It was such a great find and made it a feasible purchase a lot sooner.

We have beds together and most of the kitchen put away. The bathroom is mostly ready, but there are still a lot of boxes... UGH it never ends.

On the whole I feel blessed in the things that have gotten us to this point so don't think that is where i am going. Just a little stress trying to get in before I start my job on the 8th.


The Wright Family said...

Good luck to you! What job are you starting?

Sarah said...

I hope everything goes wonderful at your new job and that you get settled into your new house. Lots of luck to you and your family.