Sunday, December 26, 2010

And on Earth Peace, Goodwill toward men...

I love this time of year, I always have. Last year was tough, I was worried about money and jobs and taking care of my boys for Christmas, it was needless, things worked out as they usually do, I just needed a bit more faith. Though I think that I had enough to pray and a relief society president who called in the middle of that prayer. To me that was a clue I needed to listen... I didn't end up needing it as much, but it was nice to know that I was loved, which I think was the point.

This year, not so much stress. I decided that I would leave it in God's hands. I knew that between my family and Pete's it would be okay and the boys would have a good Christmas. I also realized the boys don't need a lot. I gave away two huge totes of toys.. and those were overflowing. They still have too many toys. In spite of all the trials, we have been blessed. We have family willing and able to help us with our basic needs until we can do it for ourselves. To me this has been the greatest blessing and I will be eternally grateful and in the meantime we have been edified spiritually. You can't ask for more in this season of joy. So as we embark on our next adventures I would like to wish everyone a beautiful holieday season and the happiest and most fruitful of new years.

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