Sunday, November 27, 2011

Can a person change?

I have been watching shows lately, many of them ask - Can a person change?

I think a person that wants to change, can. The Lord can work wonders. I have seen the Atonement of Christ work wonders, in my life and the lives of the people around me. The only problem with change, there is a past that was not in alignment with what you are now. There is something that needed to cause the change.

People, the flawed people, have a hard time letting go of what is in the past. It makes it more difficult for someone who really needs it to change. When the people around them don't let the past go, it is an ever present spectre in our lives. It comes back to knock you backwards. Change is not an easy thing to accomplish. It is a journey, I am still on this journey. Sometimes, I wish the past could just be forgotten. I want to scream - "I AM NOT THAT PERSON ANYMORE!!!!!!!!"

Please, forget the things I did to offend, and I will try to forget your bad stuff. Please forgive me, while I try to forgive you. Please trust that I am trying my best to be my best self I will be patient and trust that you are doing the same.

The past is something that people don't need thrown in their faces, I hope I can be the person that leaves yours alone. I guess it is all part of my journey. I had to type this tonight, my mind was swimming.

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Kinzi said...

Hi, my name is Kinzi Johnson. My mom is Deycie Luke (or Hamilton?) I read this post of yours and I wanted to say "EXACTLY!!!" I chose to get married at the age of twenty. I am happy and glad of the decision I made but someone who should be important in my life and supportive of me won't stop bringing up that I didn't serve a mission. We now do not have a relationship (I doubt I am even mentioned by this person) for many reasons but it always seems to be because of something I did or didn't do in the past. It is just annoying! I want to say, "Yes, those things did happen but look at where I am NOW and look at where you are NOW. How about we move on from the past and who hurt who or who did what and just be supportive of each other from this point on."
Anyways, I don't really know you and you most likely do not know me so this comment probably is a little creepy. I am sorry if it came across this way but really I just want to say that I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. I receive confirmation of that weekly.