Thursday, July 5, 2012

overdue update

Well, greetings from Nampa! I am way overdue for this update. I am tired. We just got moved from my mom's house. It was a long challenge for all of us, especially mom and dad. After all that craziness, I have a job, and I have one class to take before I can find out about grad school. Trying for the counseling program at the University of Idaho, Boise center. I started work on Tuesday, covering for someone until my job actually starts on Monday.

We have most of the boxes unpacked and finally got internet hooked up. Pete has been doing most of the heavy lifting. The boys are with his mom right now, it has been good to not have them underfoot during the move, but I miss them. They will be home soon.

Okay, so my brain is freezing and I will have to post more later.