Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hospital Update.... boy this seems redundant.

Okay so barring any major revelations when the cultures come back, Pete is in the hospital for two weeks. Following the hospital stay there will be SIX MONTHS of treatment. I think one of the doctors is talking to a neurologist about his memory loss. I know there are some doctors from Spokane interested in his case and the CDC is going to be involved somehow.

The boys and I have been visiting him every day. He missed Jackson's last tee-ball game on Thursday. Also, he will be in the hospital on Jackson's birthday. I am not sure how we are going to work that.

Pete has promised me that we will still be able to go to Ririe but we will likely miss most of the camping trip. We really did want to go, but this stupid illness came back. I would like to see any of you that want to see me LOL.

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The Wright Family said...

Oh I hope he gets feeling better! I hope you guys do get to go to Ririe.