Friday, September 2, 2011

I must be doing alright

When life falls apart, I blog. Not necessarily because I have to share it with the world but because I need to get it out. So honestly I must be doing okay. I am antsy waiting to hear from my job possibility. I am not as nervous as I could be because I know why it's delayed. I am just anxious to get something going. I want to be moved out of mom's again. I need to have my own stuff and my own house and mom needs hers back. I was never going to move back in with my parents.

I am back in classes and have 13 credits. I am loving my developmental psych class. The others will be interesting.

It got chilly the last couples days. I have even been able to turn off the fans. Heck I have been able to cuddle with Pete to get warm at night. I was freezing last night until he rolled over and held me. This summer it has just been to hot, I hug the edge to keep away from the heat.

I can't believe school hasn't started yet. It doesn't start until the 8th. I keep waiting. My boys thrive in school and it seems to make things easier on them and me. Wyatt will be in morning Kindergarten and Jackson will be in third grade, can you believe it?

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Chelsea said...

"Blah"about school not starting.